The new Yahoo? Facebook should heed the lessons of internet history

One of the main reasons Yahoo declined is because it lost out to a powerful rival, Google, in online search; Marissa Mayer, its boss from 2012 until its sale to Verizon last year, was unable to restore advertisers’ or employees’ confidence as users left. Today there is no company that truly competes with Facebook’s suite of apps, partly because it has hoovered up competitors such as Instagram, the wildly successful photo app that is at the centre of its future plans.

But people who watched Yahoo’s collapse see ominous similarities. Executive turnover was a leading indicator of its decline; before Ms Mayer was hired it went through four chief executives in three years. Mr Zuckerberg, who controls the majority of Facebook’s voting shares, is not leaving, but many top executives are.

The Economist

It is time to leave the Facebook universe!

I left Facebook on 1 January 2012. Never used Instagram and stopped using WhatsApp on 30 April 2017. I haven’t missed it for a second. Some people asked me why I don’t have Facebook / WhatsApp anymore. I have a few answers for them:

It became clear that Facebook broke it’s promise. It promised it would not connect Facebook and WhatsApp. And would not use any WhatsApp data to improve their advertisement platform.

I spent too much time in WhatsApp, it became unhealthy.

I absolutely hated the group conversations, and you are kind of mandatory to be part of it and be responsive.